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Mullaitivu is the main city of Nothern province in Sri Lanka. It is a city of largely fishing settlements from ancient times. This city is mostly famous for fishing. Shinning temples, the Largest water tanks are the most attractive places for tourists in Sri Lanka. Mullaitivu is a fishing town and it grew up as a harbor of the small sailing transporting goods between Colombo to Jaffna.


places to visit

Monument of Victory - Museum

Built in 2009, Pudukuduirippu Victory Monument had been dedicated to the War Heroes that fought in the Sri Lankan civil war. The monument depicts a soldier carrying its armour on one hand, as a symbol of courage and bravery, and the National Flag on the other, portraying independence and honour of the country.

Kokkilai Lagoon Sanctuary

Kokkilai Lagoon is a large estuarine lagoon (2,995 ha) located in Mullaitivu and Trincomalee districts of Sri Lanka. This Lagoon consists of seagrass beds, oyster beds, mangrove swamp, deltas and mudflats. Particularly in the western and southern shores are bounded by cultivated lands, scrub forest and some by open forest patches. The lagoon is always busy with mundane fishing activities. 

The Nanthikadal Lagoon

In English, Nanthi Kadal literally translates to the sea of conches. Many small rivers (the most famous being Per Aru) feed this lagoon, which is also called the Mullaitivu lagoon. The lagoon’s maximum length is fourteen kilometers and the maximum width is five kilometers. 

Arisimale Beach

Arisimale Beach lies off the beaten track about 50 kms North of Trincomalee in the town of Pulmude. In Tamil arisi means rice and malai means mountain. Thus this is the ‘Mountain of Rice’ in Tamil. The reason for name is in the sand. This beach is made of extremely large particles of sand, the size of a rice seed.