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We are in the trade for only one reason – we love it; and this is what that makes us different from our competitors. We at Island Leisure does not claim to offer better tours by showing ‘better’ the sights of Sri Lanka…

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Looking for a fantastic vacation? Plan your trip to Sri Lanka with Island Leisure's top tour packages for the country to discover this fascinating island and experience Sri Lankan tailor-made vacation packages.


Island Leisure Lanka is the best operator in this cricketing nation to make your cricket tours special. We are also experts in arranging a Rugby tour to show your strength and agility to different competitive opponents. Island Leisure is also organizing sports tours focused on Netball, Hockey, Basketball and Soccer.


We are specialized in organizing all types of corporate events such as meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions within Sri Lanka. We are committed to provide the very best consultancy and offer our clients the promise of dedication, quality and professionalism. 


The selection of a holiday may range from person to person depending on a variety of factors. With Island Leisure, you may choose the ideal Sri Lanka tour package to fulfill your ideal vacation in Sri Lanka, regardless of whether you're looking for nature and wildlife, excitement and adventure, culture and heritage, rejuvenation and spiritual healing, or anything else.

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7 Nights Beach Getaway

Relax on the Golden Coastline of Sri Lanka

14 Nights Golfing with Luxury

Enjoy World Class Golfing with Luxury Relaxation

12 Nights into the wild

Witness the Worlds Largest Mammals with Thrilling Adventures

10 Nights Relic Hunt

Relics and Ruins with Over 2500 year History

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We are proud to work with a diverse group of partners in addition to being an active member of various international associations. We have been also awarded for the our service excellence. Below are some of the awards and diverse affiliations we partner with that validate the work we do everyday.