When you plan a Holiday in Sri Lanka it is important to know what a traveller holidaying in Sri Lanka would need to know. That’s why we “Island Leisure” provide the Holidaymaker with useful tips and information to make one’s holiday in Sri Lanka a fantastic and memorable one. A holiday in Sri Lanka has become every one dream since Sri Lanka despite its size has so much to offer and we facilitate holidays in Sri Lanka which are often tailor made to suite the requirement of the visitor. Given below is information for you who wish to make a holiday in Sri Lanka so that your holiday in Sri Lanka will be better planned.

  • Health Requirements

    Visitors to Sri Lanka from yellow fever infected areas (Africa & South America) should have a valid certificate against yellow fever. Vaccinations against typhoid, polio, hepatitis A, tetanus & diphtheria are recommended. If required you can have the vaccinations in Sri Lanka. Sealed water is available in anywhere in the island, & one should keep in mind to avoid consuming water directly off taps or that which is not sterilized under any circumstances. When purchasing sealed water do look for the sealed cap of the bottle and date of expiry. Cuisines served in Hotels of Tourist Restaurants are always fresh and safe & never hesitate to enjoy them. You can always consult your tour Guide when choosing a restaurant at random.

  • Insurance

    A policy to cover theft, loss and medical issues is a must. You may also wish to check out cover for activities such as diving, white water rafting, cycling and abseiling etc.

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