Hospitality is our passion – we love it; and this is what that makes us different from our competitors. We at Island Leisure does not claim to offer better tours by showing ‘better’ the sights of Sri Lanka. The latter are a part of our historical creativity for all to see and form their independent opinions. It is our inherent love for people and our desire to serve them that make our visitors feel wanted and cared for. This in turn engenders their faith and confidence in our intentions and abilities. With this kind of assurance, our tourists are in a better state of mind to appreciate the tour without feeling edgy or defensive about an alien country with an alien culture.

Personalization of relationships is the mainstay of our tours and we are able to provide the same for the following reasons: We make an effort to understand the needs interest of our customers. We make an effort to maintain a flexible and practical approach to tourism. We will lay out destinations that we think would be fascinating for you. Then, depending on your interest, and your comments about the destinations listed, we would use our skills to tailor make a Special Interest tour that would take into consideration both your choice of destination as well as your special interest be it photography, walking, biking, wildlife viewing, observing traditional cultures and lifestyles, art architecture etc. The reason behind this approach is an effort to personalize the tour to the interest and choice of the customer. We do not consider people as numbers or files to be dealt with. Each individual represents to us an individual identity, with who we look forward to establishing a genuine friendship.

All our special interest tours are fully escorted by well-mannered & resourceful guides. We are confident of the intentions and motivations of the Guides we work with. Also, we are in complete realization of the fact that in a service trade all depends upon the quality and amount of efforts one puts in. Our Guides are well informed about the places covered in the tour. We expend a lot of time and effort in identifying hotels we think our tourists need. The hotels are handpicked and reasonably priced. Many of them, although modernized, still retain their character and old-world charm. We look for clean comfortable beds, clean western style attached toilets with hot and cold running water, good ambience, clean uniform of staff, good restaurants with a choice of meals, air-conditioning and the most important thing that is the personalization of service. The atmosphere should be friendly, helpful and hospitable – the essence of our tours.

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