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colomboColombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and is by far the most happening city in the country! From the street hawkers in the noisy bazaars of the Pettah area to the blue collared, tie clad businessmen of the World Trade Centre, Colombo is where Sri Lanka’s economic and financial heart beats.

From the grand old mansions of the by-gone era to the department stores and shady tree-lined boulevards of today, Colombo is able to satisfy everyone from the prince to the pauper. The shopping, nightlife, and the dining experience in Colombo are pretty amazing and there’s plenty of other historical, cultural and religious places of interest in the city too.


galleThe Southern port city of Galle is located 115 km away from Colombo. Galle is a town rich in history and was the centre of Dutch rule in the 17th century. The majestic Galle Fort bears ample testimony to that fact and Galle is in fact one of the best-preserved colonial-era cities in Southeast Asia,and has even been declared a World Heritage City. Some of the other popular attractions in Galle include the Dutch Museum, Groote Kerk (Great Church) and the National Maritime Museum.


kandyLocated in Sri Lanka’s Central Province, Kandy is surrounded by hills that have earned it the name “Hill Capital” of Sri Lanka. Kandy can be reached in 2 1/2 hrs to 3 hrs from the capital of Colombo, and the ride to Kandy either on road or even by train is a picturesque charming ride.Kandy is a significant historical and cultural city.
Being the city where the last Kings of Sri Lanka ruled it will always have a special place in Sri Lankan history. Established in the 15th Century as the Capital of the Kandyan Kingdom, this was the final frontier for all the invading colonial powers that entered Sri Lanka. However, only the British, in 1815, were able to finally subdue this hillside city.

Today Kandy maintains its stature as city that offers you a rich experience of history and culture. The home of several leading schools in the country, it is home to the Dalaga Maligawa, which is also known as the Temple of the Tooth Relic (A tooth believed that of Lord Buddha) and the Royal Botanical Garden. Surrounded by the Hantane Mountain range that is visible from even the center of the city, it also has the longest river in Sri Lanka, the Mahaweli, running through it. Within the city as well as its outskirts, there are several sites for viewing aesthatically and historically valuable places such as the Old Royal Palace compound, the Lankatilaka Temple, the Gadaladeniya Temple and the Embekke Temple. It is also an ideal city in which to browse and buy handicrafts such as masks and carvings that are unique to Sri Lanka.

In July or August, the city also puts on show, the Kandy Perahera, which is an annual parade where the sacred tooth relic is taken in a procession through the streets of Kandy, with elephants, acrobats, Kandyan Traditional dancers and various other dignitaries making up the procession.

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